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Want to participate?  
What can I do to help you win?

Spread Awareness

Contact friends, family, church members, co-workers, and others you know in my district.


Ask them to vote for me. 


Forward my FB videos and campaign news to them.


Volunteer for the campaign.


You don’t have to live in the district to help knock doors.


You can make phone calls, work a poll on Election Day, or wave campaign signs.



Let me know of anyone I should call or visit who lives in the district.  I spend most of my day knocking doors and calling voters.  If you have someone who you know that I should reach out to, please send me their phone number or address.



Make a financial contribution to the campaign. It’s not too late to donate.  We are still spending funds on direct mail, FaceBook content, and radio ads.  Your generous contribution at this point helps me get my message to more voters! 

Please let me know if you can help in these or other ways.  
I sincerely appreciate your help!

Interested in working with Team Remak?
Apply today to get experience
in campaign operations!

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